EXEGESIS DEC 1, 2022Enter Uriel University through the Beato Gate
How would you like a ride to Paradise in a sweet chariot?
My father! My father! The chariot of fire!
The point of this is the angel supposedly has a chariot of fire, be it a star, a ferrari or what have you, and we might not even have one (gangsta lean) but even still, the holy spirit can blow wherever it wills.
Furthermore it is known that Elijah running to beat the raincloud beat Ahab's chariot because the spirit blew him onwards. So, we might not get to paradise so fast, we have to learn the way via learning to love, but at least we dont crash and burn like Icarus.

The valanga di Vita is a project of Pier Giorgio Frassati, last of the "seven Ps" of the Poem "sette Padri." these personages range from a Mexican farmer turned drug smuggler, a Sicilian Godfather to a stigmatized friar, a controversial film maker, but have one thing in common: they all contributed their part to the initial formation of milk dud, the coder of these pages.