this first part was written who knows wehn?
again the goal of all of this is the UBI, the universal basic income not limited to "citizens" in the legal sense but to any human being, who by virtue of being a child of God, has a right to life.
Bread, the engelbrotts but also the regular pizza as well, the meal which everyone has a right to.

People have been asking for a readable translation and one of the problems is that the scholarly Latin of the middle ages is hard to understand if you werent coming from a tra dition of aristocracy (think Tiberius) which went from Roman villas to fortresses to Feudal manors to universities and developed a particular way of communicating to assure the world that they were not stupid religious fanatics who invented visions of angels and stigmata. The purpose of any university is simply to pursue the truth and not to dismiss supernatural events as being impossible, for, how do we know what is possible? We are not the creators of ourselves or of any other consciousness.
That said, we'll try to make Bonavenure accessible if possible HHAHHHAHAHHAHAH
HERE'S A TRANSLATION SUGGESTED TO UNDERGRADUATES WHICH IS STILL A BIT PONDEROUS PERHAPS As those of us who are now horseshoe crew of '22 may attest, the proof of hte pizza is in the pepperoni, please note one of the seven padres is pope "paco" whose pasta paunch once led a doctor to prod him into passing the plate around a bit more. This is true, but he said "i'm in Rome what the fugabazzo do you expect?"
If anyone wants to moderate this course, be our guest, send us a message (dont all shout at once).

the theology of the Franciscans draws heaviliy on Bonaventure (and anthony too actually) but here is some milk dud theology "so real it hurts" dud's pasolinian personality identifies completely with the bread. Was Satanas jealous he could not eat and share the pizza? Maybe he could if he was humble and asked the priestly pizzaiolo to cook him up some.
Flapjacks for example have yeast or baking powder which causes them to rise and the pita bread of the passover does not, because the yeast is the spirit within the person. After all the bread becomes part of the molecular structure of the perons' body, showing how body mind and heart are inextricably connected and all is ruled by love.
Fire too hot, pizza will burn. Thus, after the volcano Elijah heard the "still small voice" because all is calm and all is bright (hum, wonder where that comes from.)